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ARI makes a wide range of control valves for isolation or control. Globe valves or 3-way control valves with electric or pneumatic actuators are used for cold/warm/hot water, steam, neutral liquids, gases, thermal fluids, hot oil etc. Pressure nominal 16-40, temperature -10°C up to +450°C according to material.


  • STEVI® 470 / 471 - ANSI or DIN with Electric and Pneumatic actuators
  • STEVI® 450 / 451 with Electric and Pneumatic actuators
  • STEVI® 423/463 with Electric and Pneumatic actuators
  • STEVI® 440/441 Straightway Control Valve with Electric and Pneumatic Actuators
  • STEVI® 445/446 Straightway Control Valve with Screwed Seatring with Electric and Pneumatic Actuators

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  • Precision valve stem guiding and a specially designed valve seat achieves a rangeability of 50:1.
  • Pressure balanced, soft seating and perforated plugs provide a high degree of flexibility.
  • Bellows stem seal, PTFE spring loaded packing or Graphoil stuffing box packing.
  • Pneumatic actuators or the new, ARI "PREMIO", high-capacity electric actuator.
  • Linear or equal-percentage flow characteristics.
  • Two-way control or three-way control for mixing or diverting service.


  • Standard: Cooling water, cooling brine, warm water, hot water, steam, gas, etc.
  • Bellows Seal: Refrigerant, Cooling water, warm water, hot water, thermal oil, steam, gas, etc.
  • ANSI: Steam, condensate, gases with liquid components, etc.

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